Introduction to Messianic Jewish Thought (kp-101)
Kosher Pastor
Introduction to Messianic Jewish Thought (kp-101)
In this course we will discover that the Foundation of the Christian faith is a Jewish one. Prepare to have your mind and spirit challenged as we delve into the Proper Jewish framework of the Messianic faith.
The Jewishness of the Gospels (kp-102)
Kosher Pastor
The Jewishness of the Gospels (kp-102)
The gospels are Christian, right? Believers from the church may not realize just how Jewish the gospels are. Learning the concepts in this course will give Christians a greater understanding of the Jewish context of the New Testament and the...
The Five Hebrew Words that will Change Your Life (kp-103)
Kosher Pastor
The Five Hebrew Words that will Change Your Life (kp-103)
In this course we will learn a little vocabulary and go a little deeper into the concepts we discussed in the first 2 courses. This course is designed to start discussion and make you think. There are no quizzes for this course. Take your own...
Paul under a Jewish Microscope (kp-104)
Kosher Pastor
Paul under a Jewish Microscope (kp-104)
In this course we will dig deeper into the life, theology, background and ministry of Rav Sha'ul, the Apostle Paul. Why is circumcision such a big deal? Do we truly understand the book of Galatians? These and other questions will be answered...