01-Year Alef - Returning to the Apostolic Faith

At The Footsteps of Ancient Messianic Judaism (105)

In this groundbreaking course we will explore tombs, caves and ancient homes and synagogues to find out the extent of the spread of Messianic Judaism in Israel. Join Rabbi Shapira, Pastor Matt and Eldad Keynan as we enter sites that sometimes the general public cannot enter. Did Jews tolerate the believers in Yeshua? Is it possible that Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians could live together in peace? What changes occurred in Jewish burial practice because of the coming of Yeshua? What are some of the symbols that prove that a place is Messianic Jewish?
All of these questions and more will be answered in this course. Let's begin this life changing journey through history!
  • Course Introduction
  • The Church of the Apostles
  • The Church of the Apostles Test
  • The Synagogue at Dir Aziz
  • The Synagogue at Dir Aziz Test
  • The Two Crosses: Byzantine and Cosmic
  • The Two Crosses Test
  • The Two Menorahs: Seven Branches and Five Branches
  • The Two Menorah's Test
  • A New Burial Halacha
  • A New Burial Halacha Test
  • Ancient Messianic Jews and the Sign of Jonah
  • Sign of Jonah Test
  • The Menorah and the Arches: A Seeming Contradiction
  • Menorah and Arches Test
  • Bet Shearim: The House of Gates
  • The House of Gates Test
  • Have Shekels? You can bury here.
  • Have Shekels Test
  • Side By Side; In Life and in Death.
  • Side by side Test
  • It's No So Cut And Dry
  • Cut and dry Test
  • Yaakov HaMin: The Case of the Renamed Tomb
  • Yaakov HaMin Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever