01-Year Alef - Returning to the Apostolic Faith

At The Footsteps of Rabbi Yeshua (106)

In this course we will travel once again to the Holy Land of Israel and visit many spots that pertain to Yeshua as our chief rabbi. We begin at the burial place of the RAMBAM and travel through the Galil to many exciting places. What can praying at the grave site of a tzadik teach us about praying ‘in the name’ of Yeshua? How can the Christian site of Tabgha where the multiplication of the fish and loaves teach us about Messianic Judaism? This and many other exciting questions will be answered in this wonderful course. We will also show interactions with fellow Jews, Arab Christians and even a Catholic priest as we Journey through Israel to the places where Yeshua spent much of his time. Join us at the footsteps of our chef rabbi, Rabbi Yeshua!
  • Introduction
  • In the Merit of the Tzaddik
  • In the Merit of the Tzaddik Test
  • From Destruction to Life
  • From Destruction to Life Test
  • The Synagogue of Miracles
  • The Synagogue of Miracles Test
  • Lord of the Shabbat
  • Lord of the Shabbat Test
  • The Rabbi, The Priest and The Magdala Synagogue
  • The Rabbi, The Priest and The Magdala Synagogue Test
  • Rejected at Nazareth... again
  • Rejected at Nazareth again Test
  • The Mount of the Sermon
  • The Mount of the Sermon Test
  • Ashrei: Internal Well Being
  • Ashrei: Internal Well Being Test
  • Har Nachum: The Mountain of Comfort
  • Har Nachum Test
  • From the Inside Out
  • From the inside out Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever